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The Thought

Repairyourinvestments started as an idea from existing clients who were being managed by private and preferred banking setups. Most had common grievances and that is what we set out to address. Various products are recommended by financial institutions to their clients, but the commitment ceases once the client invests into that product. There is a general lack of transparency, accountability and value addition on the part of the advisory which initially recommended the product. Another common client grievance is the fact that though there is an apparent active management involved on a client's portfolio, but common theories and practices such as asset allocation and a system driven unbiased approach are lacking. Often human element gets involved and unhealthy practices such as market timing and trading calls leads to deterioration in an otherwise healthy portfolio. There also lacks clarity on booking profits either partially or fully and lump sum versus systematic investments and often such recommendations are passed onto clients at sporadic intervals. This leads to biases and that results in unwarranted risks and volatilities.

Clients generally express their desire for more stable and consistent returns rather than brief volatile periods of higher risk and higher returns which often retracts due to improper profit booking strategies. Most clients agree that a sound stable approach would yield longer term returns higher than index averages. Also given that client requirements for their accumulated wealth typically tend to be sporadic and uncertain, taking any bets on markets being favourable exactly at the same time when the funds are required in certain cases have led to disaster. A clear strategy that shifts focus from high risk high return instruments towards lower risk more stable returns with passing time is one of the areas which need not only theory but implementation.

Repairyourinvestments was started with the objective of catering to the above market deficiencies, inculcate strong belief in clients on a strong strategy that will stand the test of time and markets, and combine best practices from the wealth management industry. We span experience from private banking setups, preferred banking operations and general banking. The objective was to understand how management of wealth differs between various categories of clients, find common positive experiences that have been proven to work, and work on client feedback accumulated over the years.

Our Goal

We at repairyourinvestments intend to reach out to investors who share a common goal of enhancing their wealth accumulated over the years - without taking any unwarranted risk for that extra percentage of return. Many clients wish for a more systematic approach where they do not have to rely on individuals, perceptions, or economic forces for their investments to enhance in value. In our mind the client's existing net worth is worth that extra bit of caution. We can always profit from investments and risk those profits to earn more, but capital deserves special protection since once that is lost it goes against the very idea behind investing in the first place.

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