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Asset Allocation Strategy

Given the innumerable options available today for investing, how does one keep track of all the various options invested into, know when to book your gains and when to exit early in case of an under performance?

The Asset Allocation strategy is regarded as one of the fundamental principles of investing. Though the knowledge and understanding of this principle is wide spread the implementation of this strategy has been scarce and always an after-thought. This strategy provides a fool proof approach to constantly monitor over and under performances. All profits from over performing assets are periodically trimmed and all under performing assets are either removed or increased in allocation if there is potential for performance.

Asset Allocation works on two fronts. Firstly it manages and sorts your investments into asset classes and then allocates desired proportions basis your risk appetite. This is the first allocation profile for your overall portfolio.

First process is deciding master asset classes and setting their allocations individually and tracking periodically to ensure that these allocations are not breached. The ratio between these assets is decided by your risk appetite and liquidity requirements.

The second step is creating sub asset groups within the asset classes created above. This helps to keep track of the various opportunities available and to have a snapshot of how diversified your investments are and, depending on any tactical changes, if any sub assets need to be revised or removed.

Private Client Services

As our Private Client, we can personally assist you in drawing up a portfolio for your customised requirement. We will also meet at a pre-designated frequency to ensure compliance to the preset allocations and to trim any deviation, if any, from our plan. At these times we can also account for any new asset class and/or maturity of any investments that need to be redistributed.

To schedule an in-person meeting or a private conference send us a mail at . This service may be made available free of any charge.

If you have a thought you wish to share with us on improving our services, having an individual custom made plan created for you, or just to share best practices, drop a line to

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