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Financial Planning Approach

Did you know that most of the goals in a person’s life are all time-bound goals – i.e. their occurrence is beyond the control of the person, and usually means a substantial financial outflow?

However often it happens that investors keeps making investments to cater to these requirements but without a system in place to prevent over dependence on the market conditions on the year when the funds are required

This is an approach where we look at investments with a pure focus on their consumption towards one or more of your life goals. We first categorise your future plans into time-dependant plans and time-independent plans. Time dependant plans can be education for your children, an annual or bi-annual vacation, or your own retirement. Time independent plans can be a new house, your children’s marriage, or paying off your mortgage.

As you can see some plans need money to be available at that point of time. You cannot delay your children’s education or for that matter your own retirement. Hence any investment you have planned for these goals should have a built in capital preservation strategy so that you are not dependant on the markets when you need to pull out from your investments.

Plans which are time independent can be flexible. Hence any investments that you have planned to cater to these requirements can be geared towards a higher risk higher return scenario. However everyone likes to pay off their mortgage early, or to buy that dream house earlier. Hence these types of investments should have a built in profit taking strategy which regularly removes profits and creates a separate corpus from that.

Our system allows you to first define all your time dependant and time independent goals, then feed in data on all your investments, further categorise them on which goal they are currently being geared to meet, and finally assess where we stand on each of them. Minor modification can be made if necessary and deemed relevant.

Post that you will be on top of all your goals and investments linked to those goals. You will receive regular updates if there are any early warning signs, and any changes can be implemented early and in time to avoid any later disaster.

Basic Data

The first step is to enter the basic data pertaining to income, expenses, expected savings, expected annual growth in income. Then enter the details of your expected retirement age, details about your family, the major milestones coming up, both time-dependant and time-independent, and finally all your investment details with specific maturity years.

The system then projects all returns from your various investments basis the forecasts you have provided, calculates year wise the inflow and outflow, and subsequently tabulates the various goals you had entered. It gives a basic understanding of which years you are likely to have surpluses and to what extent, and which years you are likely to have a deficit and the extent of the shortfall. This tool is of great use for those planning on that new long term investment which they are planning as a source of inflow to take care of one or more goals at a specific point of time. The other more subtle use of this tool is to know the flexibility of various time-independent goals and scenarios of them coming up at particular point of time vis-à-vis a different point of time. The system also allows a check on the retirement corpus created, and allows you to simulate how long you can sustain your retirement expenses on the corpus you created till your retirement.

Online Financial Planning Tool

Click here to proceed to the Financial Planning Tool. In case if you are a registered user, this plan will remain saved on your account and you can update this plan later on. Click here ..

Private Client Services

As our Private Client, we can personally assist you in drawing up this Financial Plan suited to your customised circumstances and requirements. We will also meet at a pre-designated frequency to compare our progress and to trim any deviation, if any, from our plan. At these times we can also account for any new changes to your financial plan, and/or any achievement of any prior plans.

To schedule an in-person meeting or a private conference send us a mail at . This service may be made available free of any charge.

If you have a thought you wish to share with us on improving our services, having an individual custom made plan created for you, or just to share best practices, drop a line to

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