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Holistic Portfolio Management

Do you wish to incorporate a greater strategy which not only encompasses specific investments but your entire range of investments?

We provide a platform where you can manage all your investments online under the same basic principles of a micro managed investment.

- Systematic approach, no human biases
- Constant monitoring, all actions brought to your notice
- Multi product, multi strategy approach which allows you to customise which strategy to follow for which product
- Easily switch between strategies to correspond to changes on your time horizon, liquidity requirements, returns expectations, or risk appetite.
- Strategise and simulate performances for each strategy armed with back testing data and future projections

For a holistic management of your portfolio, we have devised the following strategies which encompass all possible permutations and combinations to achieve the best results for your desired level of risk exposure and time duration.

Asset Allocation Approach

One of the most basic and fundamental of all strategies, there is not a single investor who does not know about Asset Allocation. Implementation of its principles is a daunting task for any investor with a reasonable sized portfolio, since it requires constant monitoring and requires a complete unbiased approach. Works best without judgment or prejudice.

Our system delivers this to you and you can ascertain how frequently you want to rebalance your portfolio to your desired ideal allocation. That is the frequency when you would be trading, buying certain investments, and selling others, to re-establish the preset allocation.

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Portfolio Reconstruction Approach

In this approach we take a more practical look at your portfolio. For any investor as years go by scores of investments keep getting added to their portfolio. But a closer look at these investments will reveal that though most may still be in line with your expectations, there are always a few which are no longer performing due to the market dynamics having changed since you invested, the timeline on that investment has got over extended, or simply because it is on a different cycle than the rest of your investments. Such investments will create a drag on your overall portfolio returns. Most investors feel that they need to give more time to these investments. But this often turns out to be analogous to watering a weed or a dead/dying plant. Perhaps it might be a better idea to deploy that capital in a fresh or existing investment geared towards first recovering any loss of principal, next giving you the basic compounded return for those years when you held that investment, and lastly give you a higher than expected return due to the superlative nature of your new investment and making up for all the opportunity lost.

Our system enables you to assess on the opportunity cost of hanging on to those investments, and scenario analysis on possible deployments of that capital to test how successful you would be if you exited that investment and moved on to greener and healthier pastures.

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Financial Planning Approach

This is an approach where we look at investments with a pure focus on their consumption towards one or more of your life goals. We first categorise your future plans into time-dependant plans and time-independent plans. Time dependant plans can be education for your children, an annual or bi-annual vacation, or your own retirement. Time independent plans can be a new house, your children’s marriage, or paying off your mortgage.

As you can see some plans need money to be available at that point of time. You cannot delay your children’s education or for that matter your own retirement. Hence any investment you have planned for these goals should have a built in capital preservation strategy so that you are not dependant on the markets when you need to pull out from your investments.

Plans which are time independent can be flexible. Hence any investments that you have planned to cater to these requirements can be geared towards a higher risk higher return scenario. However everyone likes to pay off their mortgage early, or to buy that dream house earlier. Hence these types of investments should have a built in profit taking strategy which regularly removes profits and creates a separate corpus from that.

Our system allows you to first define all your time dependant and time independent goals, then feed in data on all your investments, further categorise them on which goal they are currently being geared to meet, and finally assess where we stand on each of them. Minor modification can be made if necessary and deemed relevant.

Post that you will be on top of all your goals and investments linked to those goals. You will receive regular updates if there are any early warning signs, and any changes can be implemented early and in time to avoid any later disaster.

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If you have a thought you wish to share with us on improving our services, having an individual level association with us, or just to share best practices, drop a line to

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