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Portfolio Reconstruction Approach

Have your investments just kept on growing and you’ve never had the time to take a second look to check if all of them are performing as per your expectations?

Have you always wondered whether it would be in your best interest to remove any underperforming assets in your portfolio and take the hit and be ready to move on?

In this approach we take a more practical look at your portfolio. For any investor as years go by scores of investments keep getting added to their portfolio. But a closer look at these investments will reveal that though most may still be in line with your expectations, there are always a few which are no longer performing due to the market dynamics having changed since you invested, the timeline on that investment has got over extended, or simply because it is on a different cycle than the rest of your investments. Such investments will create a drag on your overall portfolio returns. Most investors feel that they need to give more time to these investments. But this often turns out to be analogous to watering a weed or a dead/dying plant. Perhaps it might be a better idea to deploy that capital in a fresh or existing investment geared towards first recovering any loss of principal, next giving you the basic compounded return for those years when you held that investment, and lastly give you a higher than expected return due to the superlative nature of your new investment and making up for all the opportunity lost.

Our system enables you to assess on the opportunity cost of hanging on to those investments, and scenario analysis on possible deployments of that capital to test how successful you would be if you exited that investment and moved on to greener and healthier pastures.

Private Client Services

As our Private Client, we can personally assist you in discovering the dead investments in your portfolio. Post short-listing these investments, we can draw up a plan on recovering these assets, first to their capital value, and subsequently to your desired minimum return expectation. We will also meet at a pre-designated frequency to compare our progress and to trim any deviation, if any, from our designated recovery plan.

To schedule an in-person meeting or a private conference send us a mail at . This service may be made available free of any charge.

If you have a thought you wish to share with us on improving our services, having an individual level association with us, or just to share best practices, drop a line to

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