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Risk Profiler


This risk profile process will be an indicator of the tentative basket of products that can be included in your portfolio. This does not include, and is not exhaustive of all issues you should consider before making an investment. You should conduct your own appraisal of the product risks to determine whether the investment is consistent with your objectives. Please note that your risk profile is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of profiling and is renewable once in a year or earlier basis any factors that have changed and could alter your risk profile significantly. This helps us to better understand your risk appetite in this changing environment and we recommend that you revisit the profiler periodically.


The series of questions below may help you appraise your risk attitudes, financial means and investment objectives prior to your selection of an appropriate investment. Select the most appropriate answer to each question. Once all questions had been completed please proceed by clicking “Next”. We will identify your investment risk profile and shortlist a range of Investment Products for your consideration.

QUESTION 1: Please tell us your investment scope thus far.
(A) Beginner (Equities both direct and through mutual funds, Insurance, Debt products and some alternate assets such as house property and/or land.
(B) Intermediate (All of the above, in addition to, commodities, some exposure to advanced alternate assets such as Real Estate Funds, and Futures and Options)
(C) Advanced (All of the above, in addition to, advanced alternate assets such as Private Equity Funds, Art Funds, Foreign Exchange and Treasury products, and Hedge Funds)
QUESTION 2: What is your age?
(A) I am less than 40 years old
(B) I am between 40 and 60 years old
(C) I am more than 60 years old
QUESTION 3: Which of the following best describes your employment and income status?
(A) I expect my income to remain steady or increase from my employment/business
(B) I am retired/not working but I do not rely on my current investments for my living expenses
(C) I am retired/not working and I rely on my current investments for my living expenses
QUESTION 4: Your investment experience is best described as follows –
(A) Limited: I have a very little investment experience outside of bank savings accounts and bank deposits
(B) Moderate: I have some experience of investing, and I would like further guidance
(C) Extensive: I am an active and experienced investor and am comfortable in making my own investment decisions
QUESTION 5: Which of the following statements best describes your investment objectives and risk tolerance?
(A) Risk averse: I am looking to achieve returns just in line or just slightly higher than savings and bank deposits. However I am uncomfortable with short term investment fluctuations and wish to minimize the risk of capital loss.
(B) Income/Conservative: I want to preserve my investment but I am willing to accept minor negative fluctuations in the short term. While low risk remains important to me, I am willing to allocate a small allocation to growth assets in order to achieve potential positive returns higher than savings and bank deposits.
(C) Moderate: I prefer a balanced approach and would like to invest with both growth and income characteristics. I can accept negative fluctuations in order to earn potential returns considerably higher than savings and bank deposits.
(D) Aggressive: I want my investments to grow and earn the potential highest possible returns. I can accept significant short term negative fluctuations including the possible loss of my investments over an investment time frame of up to five years or more.
QUESTION 6: What percentage of your total net assets will you wish to manage through your account with REPAIRYOURINVESTMENTS?
(A) Less than 30%
(B) 30%-60%
(C) Greater than 60%
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